OUR COLLECTIVE: Hidden Voices is a radically inclusive, participatory, and co-creative collective committed to creating just, compassionate, and sustainable relationships. This network of relationships connects communities across difference and provides pathways for compassionate change.

OUR VISION & VALUES: All lives have meaning. All stories matter. At Hidden Voices our mission is to challenge, strengthen, and connect our diverse communities through the transformative power of the individual voice.

OUR WORK:  Encourages deep listening; expansive dialogue, and inspired action.  Since 2003, Hidden Voices has collaborated with underrepresented communities to create award-winning works that combine narrative, mapping, performance, music, digital media, animation, and interactive exhibits to engage audiences and participants in explorations of difficult issues. Hidden Voices creates venues where stories from those rarely seen and heard by mainstream society take center stage. These life-changing stories provide insight about identity, place, and access. They help us understand the unrecognized, the unfamiliar, and displaced among us. They help restore our souls.

OUR PROCESS: The Hidden Voices process– engage, empower, envision, enhance –facilitates a dynamic exchange between documentary, art, and community that allows for a multiplicity of voices and a multiplexity of understandings. By the close of a Hidden Voices project, between 15,000 and 20,000 individuals have engaged the work through interviews, workshops, exhibits, media, and performances.



Hidden Voices is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit, with more than 100 volunteers and contributing professionals developing two to three projects annually. Hidden Voices invests in the deep listening that produces effective, community-based action. Our projects extend over many years as we work with communities to facilitate conversations and, from those, the artistic material that illuminates the complexity of these issues.