Real change begins where fear and separation end. It begins every time we connect authentically across difficulty and division. Facts and evidence rarely change anyone’s mind, but stories open a door into unexplored worlds. Stories are an invitation to enter and experience. Stories create pathways. They open minds and inspire action. Stories make change possible.  This work has always been essential. In the weeks and months ahead it will be even more so. The homeless, the incarcerated and those living on death row, school kids and administrators bucking the school to prison pipeline, survivors of sexual violence, corrections officers, undocumented workers, military service members and their families, black and Latinx youth … to experience the stories that shape their lives is the first step in this journey toward shifting public opinion and generating the civic will to address our profound mutual needs.


Sustainability. It's an ever-evolving balancing act, between accepting new project requests and guiding completed work toward its broadest impact. For example, your Patreon support will set a new chair at our collective table—a projects curator!  It pains us to leave important stories languishing in storage.  The school to prison pipeline, homelessness, family violence, the shared history of African American communities:  a curator will bring powerful community readings to new audiences and interactive exhibits out of storage and into the light.  We decrease our storage costs even as we increase the compassionate action so necessary today.